portrait daniel pirrotta


Birth in Saint-Denis, near Paris, France.
I soon appreciated practicing drawing and painting. Two of my uncles were very talented painters. When I was a child, I sometimes stayed for hours nearby them while they worked. They certainly helped to put the art virus into me.

1981 – 1987
I studied economics and finance in Paris University.

In 1985 I spent my military service within the cinematographic services of the french army where I met several young artists.

First oil on canvas paintings.

I was interested on cubist and post-cubist paintings that influenced my first personnal works.

In Montmartre, encounter with the painter Henri Landier : the starting point of a long frienship which have never ceased.

My first group shows.

1992 à 1994
Various group shows in Paris and its suburbs.

My first solo show.

2000 – 2001
I focused my interest on contemporary abstract painting. Deep questioning phasis : should I abandon my figurative work for the benefit of abstract painting ?

Exhibition of my first abstract works.

Working on abstract vocabulary with the french painter Thibaut de Reimpré.

Deciding encounter with the french abstract painter Michèle Destarac.

First invitation to attend to the french well known Salon Comparaisons ( “lyric abstract” group).

Encounter with the catalan painter Antoni Ros-Blasco. I moved from Paris to set up the family in Bordeaux.

First invitation to attend to the french well known and focused on abstract art Salon des Réalités Nouvelles.